Digital marketing and SEO
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Digital marketing and SEO

How can Bekatec help my business grow online?

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Do you have a website already, but it’s not generating the volume of business you had expected? Bekatec can build you a better website or we can improve and optimize your existing website to make sure new customers can find you online, and Bekatec can help ensure those visits convert into sales.

Enhancing and localizing your website for other languages and markets lets you extend your reach and engagement from local to global at minimal cost.

There are a number of things that need to be done and fine-tuned in order for your website to achieve optimum results that lead to maximum conversions and increased revenues. You’ll need to optimize your website so search engines can find you (SEO), think about how to integrate social media, and you also need to think about where and how to advertise – both online and offline – and how much to budget for that.

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Businesses should expect to earn at least $2 in revenue for each $1 properly invested in digital advertising (depending on industry). Online advertising (search engines, social media etc.) is not as expensive as offline advertising, and the results are measurable and quantifiable. But other forms of advertising also work and may be more appropriate for what you are offering, and there are more options – like email advertising, print advertising, PR, trade shows, sponsored content, influencer promotion and so on – depending on the nature of your business. Bekatec’s specialists can analyze what would work best for you, make recommendations, and help implement them. Bekatec will coordinate your online campaigns with your offline marketing to ensure maximum return on investment.

Bekatec will help you cost-effectively target the right customers for your service, merchandise, hospitality business, or product. Bekatec will optimize your website and your digital marketing (SEA/SEM and social media marketing) to make sure that people can find your business online. And Bekatec will help you convince visitors to spend money on what you are offering online

Bekatec helps get you results using Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Google Ads, Google DoubleClick, Web Bugs, Google Tag Manager (GTM/GA), SEO (search engine optimization) and SEA (search engine advertising), and other tools and methods.

Bekatec can make sure your customers find you and buy what you’re selling.

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