International marketing
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International marketing

How can Bekatec help me reach international customers and attract new business from

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Do you have a product or service that people or businesses overseas might be interested in, but you’re not sure how to connect with them? Does your business rely on visitors from abroad and would you like them to find you easily online and offline? You need to find new markets to make up for recent downturns?

Many websites in British Columbia are in English only, but B.C. depends on international markets for export and tourism.

Bekatec can help you reach new customers abroad and in their own language, both online and offline.

We can help you translate your website and adapt it to the international markets you need to connect with, and we have decades of experience helping businesses localize software, offline advertising, documentation and other material.

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And Bekatec can help you build a local presence in international markets through trade shows, international chambers of commerce and other means. Bekatec will help you reach your international customers by connecting you with local service providers like advertising or PR agencies in your export markets if you are a manufacturer, service provider or merchant, and with package tour operators, PR agencies, and travel agents if you work in the tourism industry.

If you are a tourism business, Bekatec will help you utilize many efficient ways to generate new revenue streams and unlock new markets beyond maintaining an English language only website with English search engine keywords and having to rely on Destination BC or Destination Canada to represent you abroad.

If you are exporting technology or equipment, services, software, or natural resources or are thinking about expanding your sales beyond the B.C. or the Canadian or North American market, Bekatec can help you connect with new international markets or grow in those markets where you are already present.

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